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Posted: February 21, 2011 in Uncategorized

So I just got my first blog done and up and running. Still lots of polishing to be done but lets get down to basics first and why we are here, games of course!

My game career started back as a small kid, can’t have been much older than 6-7 years old, when my father brought home an old DOS computer on which I was rocking away with games such as Carnage (1993),Carnage

Lemmings (1991),

Prince of Persia (1990),

Syndicate (1993)

and the old Simcity (1989).

All bringing a different aspect to my first gaming experiences at a young age. Especially Carnage and Syndicate strikes me when thinking back.

Later on I got my own PC, lost time and date which says more than it leaves out, where games such as Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine (1999) jumps to my mind.

Moving ahead to more contemporary games I developed a taste for games with a strong story to tell; few examples such as Mass Effect, Max Payne 1&2 – I actually enjoyed the second edition more due to such a strong story with some awesome poetic lines in the graphic novel. Another example is of course the popular Monkey Island series – I actually didn’t get my first-hands on this series untill the fourth edition, Escape from Monkey Island. Lovely game, awesome setup, theme, story and of course hilliarous sense of humour – if you haven’t tried any of these old LucasArt pearls (Telltale developing the newest ones) I’d definitely recommend you picking one of these old classics up – fairly cheap too I might add 8,99€ each and 13,99€ for both. The first and second game have both been republished in a special edition. The last game I want to mention is also the game that I have spent the most hours, days and months getting buried into – Operation Flashpoint. Not a hugely famous game developed by, back then, small-czechslovakian Bohemia Interactive Studios. The game in itself didn’t strike me as anything mindblowing – not to mention a so-and-so singleplayer campaign but the amount of fanbased modding that toke place the following years of the release was astounding. The fanbase’s modding and BIS own will of giving the fans so many different tools for modding made the game grow rapidly. The gameplay was considered fairly hardcore back then since most death the first time you jump into this game will come from 500-1000 yards away. Rough but also realistic and you quickly learn to crawl and move from cover to cover. Operation Flashpoint was released in 2001 and has later been followed up by games such as Armed Assault 1&2 and most of the fanbase followed from Operation Flashpoint to the newer Armed Assault series.

I’ll end the post here and come back with some of my thoughts, hopes and expectations of this academy.

  1. WOW!!! This brings back so many childhood memories! Thanks for sharing

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